Survey Research

We specialize in complex, challenging research and provide the most comprehensive, trusted reports in the Alaska market.

An important component of many of our professional assignments, survey research has numerous applications including measurement of household attitudes on issues of public concern, demand for a new product or service, employee or client attitudes, or identifying corporate shareholder opinions.

Our experienced staff can help you determine which survey technique is most appropriate for your needs.

  • Telephone surveying is the most statistically-reliable survey methodology. Our telephone survey samples include a statistically representative mix of cell and landlines to account for cell-only households.
  • Mail surveys can reach an entire population (such as shareholders). Response rates can be maximized with use of a pre-survey postcard notice, multiple mailings, and incentives.
  • Online surveys can be used to cost-effectively target large populations, or very specific populations, such as employees or students. We typically provide an online option with mail surveys to boost response rates.
  • Intercept surveying is often the most logistically challenging and costly methodology, but can provide the only statistically-reliable information about difficult-to-reach populations, such as Alaska visitors.

McDowell Group has been surveying in Alaska since 1985, having completed more than 400 survey projects.  Our survey research is the highest quality available in the Alaska market. We provide:

  • Survey design conducted in close consultation with clients to ensure we are gathering high-value, actionable data
  • A trained team of surveyors who reside in Alaska and survey from our offices in Anchorage and Juneau. Our surveyors understand the communication styles required for successful survey research in urban and rural Alaska
  • Weighting of survey results by demographics and other characteristics (as needed) to ensure the survey analysis accurately reflects the population of interest
  • Comprehensive yet easy-to-read reports that provide transparency and highlight actionable insights tailored to client needs – with careful subgroup analysis to provide additional depth to the research.

Sample projects include:

Large-scale, Multi-mode Surveys

  • Alaska Visitor Statistics Program (AVSP)
  • Recreational Use Demand Assessment for the Susitna-Watana Area
  • Alaska Geographic Differential Study

Single-Mode Survey Examples

  • Household Production of Fruits and Vegetables in Southeast Alaska
  • University of Alaska Student Survey
  • Pogo Mine Employee Survey
  • Anchorage Business Confidence Survey
  • Alaska Native Corporation Shareholder Surveys
  • Juneau Parks and Recreation Master Plan Survey
  • Alaska Early Care and Learning Survey
  • Anchorage Housing Market Survey