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Heather Haugland

Senior Project Manager

In the 21 years that Heather Haugland has been with the McDowell Group, she has served in a wide variety of roles: project manager, analyst, editor, survey designer, facilitator, and presenter, among others. While Heather has experience in a range of industries, she has particular depth in the tourism, education, and maritime sectors.

Heather is considered one of Alaska’s leading tourism industry analysts, having worked on a wide array of projects for the State of Alaska, large and small communities in both Alaska and Washington State, and private sector clients. She has managed visitor research projects involving tens of thousands of visitor surveys, using both online and intercept methodologies, and frequently conducts market demand assessments.

Heather has managed dozens of projects related to Alaska’s postsecondary education system, including recent and current student surveys, student retention studies, high school graduate surveys, student loan surveys, and an inventory and analysis of Alaska’s postsecondary access programs. She recently led a series of regional action plans to increase educational attainment in Southeast and Interior Alaska.

Heather’s maritime experience includes studying the economics of the Ballard Locks, the outlook for commercial fishing fleet modernization in the Pacific Northwest, demand for a planned cruise ship dock in Washington State, and the economic impacts of an Alaska groundfish fishery, among other subjects.

Heather graduated from Harvard University with an honors degree in English. She completed subsequent training and coursework in facilitation and market research. Heather was named a “Top 40 Under 40” by the Alaska Journal of Commerce in 2007. Heather served as co-chair of the Alaska Business Forum, an event series at the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, from 2016 to 2018. She has been working out of Bellingham since 2010.